A comedy club set up in your local area, for you. Sure, we bring in the best acts from around the UK (and beyond), but it is your club. Come laugh. Come be a part of hilarity...you'll understand. 


  • We have two locations: Four Thieves in Battersea and The Aeronaut in Acton

  • We are EVERY Wednesday (Battersea) and EVERY Thursday (Acton)

  • Advance entry is £6 (or £3-5 if you are on the mailing list). £7-8 on the door.  TICKETS HERE

The best acts on the UK comedy circuit come to Battersea and Acton every week, for your enjoyment and laughter. Top TV names in our intimate venue along with some of the best rising stars. A completely different night out in your local. Fun, funny and friendly - the home of homely comedy.